UAZ Hunter

Left steering wheel
Plug-in 4x4 drive
Tansmission: Manual gearbox

Maximum capasity: 5 persons.

The car UAZ hunter began to be produced on November 19, 2003. It replaced a series of UAZ-3151, the history of which was conducted since 1985 (and if the starting point to take the UAZ-469, since 1972), so that by the beginning of the 2000-ies the car did not meet any modern requirements either in dynamics or fuel consumption. The new modification, which received the index UAZ-31519 and its own name "hunter", was to bring" UAZ " to a new level and raise sales. Modernization of the power unit and chassis contributed to the improvement of driving performance. Were added options to increase the level of comfort, refined body and interior. The car is a little transformed and externally-to the Spartan "vypravke" added "urban" gloss, but the "hunter" has retained the legendary cross-country and interesting to everyone who has to use the roads of poor quality, not to mention the need to move in the absence of roads.

Front mounted upgraded spring suspension, anti-roll bar helps to maintain the selected direction of movement. The modernization of the chassis has allowed to some extent, as far as it is applicable to the frame SUV, to increase the smoothness of the course, stability on the road and reliability. Gas shock absorbers also improved the behavior of the car on the road. The power steering provides ease of driving in cramped urban conditions, in the Parking lot and when maneuvering. Completely changed the transmission "hunter" - a new five-speed gearbox and a new clutch provide softness and smooth gear changes, reduced noise in the cabin.

Referring to safety, first of all it should be noted that "hunter" finally got disc front brakes, the absence of which has long been considered bad manners. Upgraded and rear brakes-with automatic clearance adjustment, they provide higher efficiency of the brake system. The car is equipped with seat belts of all seats, an additional brake light. In General, given the actual age of the car and the lack of serious design solutions for safety, the level of protection of the driver and passengers leaves much to be desired.

UAZ Hunter, despite its own market name and separate positioning, is still the same UAZ — 3151. And, although the car, according to the manufacturer, has been made more than 300 changes, it remains the same "Spartan" with excellent cross-country, but a lot of small shortcomings associated with both the design of this SUV and the quality of production. But it is the legendary cross-country determines the demand for the car — because the new "real" jeeps in this price range is simply no. Even more affordable cars from the secondary market, but it all depends on their technical condition and real mileage.

For lovers of classic SUVs for rent in Kyrgyzstan, UAZ is definitely a good choice, it is not comfortable, not reliable, but with great charisma and a kind soul.

Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan.

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