Who can rent and who can drive?

Who can rent car in Kyrgyzstan?
Person who is legally capable of entering into an agreement with Travel Land and is prepared to accept responsibility for the Vehicle throughout the Hire Period;

And who provides valid identification documents as indicated below:
⦁    Passport
⦁    Driving license

Who can drive? (the “Driver”)

An authorized Driver of a Vehicle will be any physical person who complies with all of the following requirements:

Category of vehicle Age Driving Experience
SUV 25 – 75 5 years

Who cannot drive?

Any person who do not identified on the Rental Agreement.

How can I contact the rental office?

The telephone number of the office where the rental begins is printed on the Rental Agreement given to the customer when collecting the vehicle.

What is the minimum age & driving experience required to rent a car?

The age of the driver to access the rental is 25 years old

Minimal Driving Experience is 5 years.

Can I rent a car in Kyrgyzstan if I'm under 25?

It is a pity, but unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a car due to the rules of Insurance.

Do I need to have an International driving license in order to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan?

Yes, you will need a valid International driving license to drive a car in Kyrgyzstan.

It’s a good idea to check that your driving license hasn’t expired before you going for trip.

What type of driving license do I need in order to rent?

You need to have held a B-category license for at least 5 years, and it must be currently valid.


International driving license or Translation

Can I rent a car without a driving license?

No, you need to present a driving license at the office before you can rent a car.

Will a copy of my driving license be accepted at the rental desk?

No, you need to bring the original license, it must be legible, in good condition and valid for the whole period of the rental.

Can I pick-up or drop-off vehicle in a different city?

No, car pick-up & drop-off location is our office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Can I pick-up the car at Bishkek Airport?

Due to lack of space at the Manas airport – Our company can organize a direct transfer to our office.

You have to add this option to your booking and you will be met by our driver and then transferred to the office.

What does "rental day" mean?

A rental day is defined as day. It is not depending on time of car pick-up.
For instance: 01/06/2024 – 09/06/2024 (it is 9 full days).

What happens if I would like return the vehicle after the time specified in the rental agreement?

The latest time for the car drop-off time is 18:00

Otherwise you can be get fined according to the rental agreement.

What happens if I get a traffic fine during the rental?

If you get fined by police, you will get a fine voucher which you have to pay in closest bank office.
If you cannot find a way to pay a fine, bring it to the office and our team will help you.

In case of fine by automatic cameras the fine will be sent to you by email within 21 business day.

Who is responsible for fines incurred during the rental? How can they be disputed?

The Customer as the person nominated in the contract (the Rental Agreement), is liable for fines or other charges resulting from breaches of the Highway Code or failure to pay toll and/or parking charges. Therefore, any fines incurred must be duly paid.

To dispute a fine, the customer must do so directly with the authority that issued the fine notice, in accordance with the methods and time limits specified therein.

Can I take the vehicle out of Kyrgyzstan?

Some cars are allowed for driving in the following countries:
Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

This option is available for booking over 14+ days for appropriate vehicles.

All cars are forbidden to travel out of Kyrgyzstan, without Travel Land express consent.

Please be aware that You must comply:
•    with traffic road regulations
•    take personal insurance
in the country where You drive the Vehicle.


Accepted Payment methods:
⦁    Cash (EUR \ USD \ RUB \ KGS)
⦁    Credit cards*

*Bank Tax 5% will be applied for bank card payment

Safety Deposit

The safety deposit shall be blocked(pre-authorized) on credit card of the main person who signing the Rental Agreement.

Deposit has fixed amount:
All SUV – 30.000 KGS

*For driving in foreign countries safety deposit is 60.000KGS

Safety Deposit can be done by credit card only.

Is the Safety Deposit debited?

No, it is not debited, but as a guarantee the amount is “blocked”(pre-authorized) on the credit card when the vehicle is collected.

When the Safety Deposit will be "unblocked"?

This process depends on Banks and can take up to 21 business days.

Is fuel included in the rate?

No. The cost of renting a vehicle does not include fuel.

Fuel policy: Same to Same

The vehicle is consigned to the customer with some fuel in tank and should be returned in the same condition.


Can a second driver be added?

Yes, second driver can be added free of charge.

2 drivers are maximum.

What should I do in case of breakdown?

In case of mechanical breakdown you are obligated to stop Vehicle to prevent more serious breakdown.

You have to immediately Inform Travel Land office about problems, then Follow the instructions.

Here are 2 possible ways:
1.    Car will be fixed at local workshop
Any required spare parts will be sent by Travel Land to workshop location.
2.    In case of impossible to do car repair at local workshop, Travel Land service team will go on site.

What should I do in case of accident?

1. Make sure that everyone is safe and that medical assistance is not required.
2. Call us, and we will decide how to do it right and best in the current situation.
3. Call the police officers to the scene.
4. Take a photo of the vehicle & accident place from different angles.
5. Follow the instructions of the police officers: (The driver should be with the police officer personally)

  • Police will seize your driver’s license and technical passport of the car
  • Police will take the car to the police parking lot.
  • Police will issue documents about the accident: Resolution of Accident, Accident Scheme, Accident Reference, Medical Alcohol Test

Police procedures usually take 1-2 days.

6. Pay an official government fine for being involved in a traffic accident, towing a vehicle, and damaging property.
7. Get your hands on all the designated documents.
8. Go to the office of our company to sign documents and complete the formalities.

Why do I need a credit card?

A credit card is required as guarantee of the rental. It must be presented at the office when collecting the vehicle, and must be in the name of the person signing the Rental Agreement.

Can the credit card presented at an office be in the name of another person not present at the rental counter?

No. The credit card must be in the name of the person who physically collects the vehicle or the person who signs the Rental Agreement.

Will the GPS work in Kyrgyzstan ?

Sure, GPS it is worldwide system and it works everywhere.

For Navigation you can use Google Maps or Maps.Me application, but be aware that all applications don’t know the exact road condition in Kyrgyzstan & Central and can show non-existed roads, incorrect roads & wrong driving time.

Do I need to wash the car before drop-off?

Car wash is not required untill the car is not dirty inside.

Of course, if the car was excessively dirty outside – it is advisable to go to the car wash.

Do you have Rooftop Tents for cars?

Yes, we have roof tents in Bishkek. The capacity of the tent is 2 people.
You can rent a car with a rooftop tent in Kyrgyzstan.

As well as rooftop tent you can add to your booking an outdoor equipment.

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes, you can extend your booking if we have available cars for new dates.
If you are already on the way – you must visit our office and get new rental papers.

Unfortunately, it cannot be done remotely.