Border Areas and Border Permits in Kyrgyzstan

Border Areas of Kyrgyzstan

Car rental in Kyrgyzstan – Border Areas and Border Permits

During planning of your trip with rental car in Kyrgyzstan probably you can find information about border zones.

This article will help you to order exact border permits which are necessary for your trip in Kyrgyzstan,

What is the Border Permit?

Border permit it is official goverment pass for entry to remote territories of Kyrgyzstan.
In general these areas are located close to borders of China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan.

Border permit is a paper official letterhead with multiple stamps.
It cannot be provided online, only original paper version is accepted at border control.

For travelling throught the country the car rental in Kyrgyzstan is the easiest way.
There is no public transport connection to remote areas.

Border permit is required only for driving in remote areas of each region.
However, you don’t need a border permit if your are planning to drive via main roads only.


How can I order a border permit?

  1. You can book a permit online on our main web-site – Book a Kyrgyzstan border permit
  2. Contact our Car rental Kyrgyzstan manager via email:


How shall I pass Border Control?

During the check each person should present original documents:

  • Passport
  • Border Permit

Note: You are not crossing the border of Kyrgyzstan, it is a permit for enter to certain territories of Kyrgyzstan.


Do the car need a permit?

No, vehicles are not obligated to have any permit.

Border permits are issued only for people.



How long does it take for border permit processing?

14 days is the standard processing time.

Once you paid your order and sent scan of the passport – the processing time is 14days (2 weeks)


How many border areas in Kyrgyzstan and which remote places located in border zones?

  • Chui region: Chon Kemin National Park
  • Issyk-Kul region: Enilchek, Karkara
  • Naryn region: Kel-Suu Lake, Ak-Say Valley, Chatyr-Kol Lake
  • Osh region: Lenin Peak
  • Batken region: