Traffic regulations in Kyrgyzstan

If you’re stopped for identification

According to the Law on Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, a causeless stop of a subject is unacceptable. Ask police officers to introduce themselves and make a case for the explanations for the detention.
Be polite and respectful, never argue with police.

  • Be calm and control your words, movements and emotions. don’t argue. raise the police to clarify your rights and responsibilities.
  • Remember, all that’s aforesaid or done by you, may be used against you.
  • Keep hands visible so police will see them. don’t touch the police. don’t conflict at the place of detention, simply tell the police that they’re wrong, and you may complain to the prosecutor’s workplace or to the court.
  • Do not rush to convey your assessment of the incident while not careful reflection. keep in mind the titles, the names of police, the quantity of the automobile and alternative fascinating info. try and notice witnesses. Write down everything that you just bear in mind.

You should not comply with any review directly from you (except for an external search (without a manual search, solely visually), your automobile or your house while not legal grounds (bringing a charge within the kind of a victim’s application or court call, search warrant). The police say that they need a look warrant, however don’t conduct an review, raise them to point out this call (the resolution is presented solely in special cases once elections or elections are control within the capital or within the republic as a full a global summit, and also the decree is issued put together by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and also the city hall or the town administration, otherwise the police don’t have any right to conduct a full search, solely an review.) during this case, you’ve got every right to refuse a private search by the police. Be applied while not an acceptable decision once the person is detained or jailed, and conjointly if there are enough grounds to believe that the person within the area or in another place wherever the search is being applied hides See yourself things or documents which will be relevant to the criminal case. a human personal search is applied solely by the person of 1 sex with him and within the presence of witnesses and specialists of a similar sex, if they participate during this investigatory action.

Do not resist police, even though you think that you’re innocent, you’ll be able to be detained for it. even though you think that that you just square measure detained immoderately, don’t resist, as a result of Resistance to the police is against the law. you’ll be able to get a term for this.

If you’re injured by police, you wish to mend your injuries within the nearest clinic with a mandatory rationalization of the explanations and circumstances of the injury. Then contact the prosecutor’s workplace for an officer referral to the medical checkup. 1st of all, give yourself with the mandatory medical help yourself or call for an ambulance team from the police.


The four main rules:

1. Refusing to answer queries isn’t a criminal offense, however refusing to reply causes suspicion among police. Answer the queries once submitting the documents to the police.

2. police will examine your garments (carry out an external search); If they believe carrying a weapon. Physically don’t resist, however make a case for that you just don’t comply with from now on review.

3. don’t swear at the militia officers and don’t run away, even though you’re certain that everything that happened may be a misunderstanding. this will result in your detention. you’ve got the correct to charm against the actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs officer, having addressed with the criticism to the general public prosecuting attorney or to the district court.

4. police will detain any subject to determine his identity, even though the subject doesn’t commit an body offense. However, an officer doesn’t have the correct to detain a subject with none reason, if he showed at the place of detention documents proving his identity. If a law officer insists that a subject escort him to the ROVD to verify the identity, you must conform. once detaining a minor and transportation him to the local department, at once demand the notice of parents or legal representatives. If police don’t satisfy this request, it’s higher for a minor to not answer any queries and to not sign any documents before the arrival of his relatives. require the drawing of a protocol of detention or registration of detention.


If you stopped traffic police

  • They must come back to you;
  • Introduce yourself, name your position and rank;
  • Report the explanation for the stop;
  • Stay within the automobile till the employees asks you to leave.