Renault Duster

Left steering wheel
Plug-in 4x4 drive
Tansmission: Automanic gearbox
Air Conditioning

Maximum capasity: 4 persons.


Compact crossover Renault Duster comparable in size with sedans C-class - length 4.31 m and width 1.82 m allow you to feel confident in the narrow streets of the city. A good geometric permeability will be useful off-road. The silhouette and exterior elements emphasize the off-road character of the car and its versatility. Massive grille and additional chrome elements made it possible to make the appearance of the car aggressive and powerful. At the same time for its size Renault Duster is very easy: 1160 kg in the front-wheel drive version and 1250 kg in all-wheel drive. Comfortable and transformable interior Duster will accommodate everything you need for a long journey or outdoor activities. Duster trunk deserves a special mention — in the volume it reaches 475 liters, and when the rear seat is folded, this figure increases to 1636 liters and makes Duster one of the most spacious cars in its class.Rent a 4WD car in Bishkek Renault Duster is good for small companies. If you are 2 or 3 people, then this is a convenient car for traveling Kyrgyzstan. It can be a bit cramped for four people.

Renault Duster  4x4 versions are equipped with a six-speed manual transmission with a short first gear (5.79 km/h at 1000 rpm), which is suitable for off-road driving and makes it easier to start with a steep climb or a fully loaded car. If the most powerful version with a 2-liter 135-horsepower engine fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is 8.7 l / 100 km, the diesel engine Duster shows consumption of only 5.3 liters per "hundred".

Duster-MacPherson front suspension with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers. Back-two types. On front-wheel drive cars semi-dependent, all-wheel drive-independent multi-link. In all-wheel drive versions, the torque is transmitted to the rear axle by an electromagnetic clutch. Wide wheel arches and crankcase protection enhance the impression of the off-road character of the car. The geometry of the body is such that allows the car to overcome obstacles on the way — deep bumps or high bumps. Short overhangs, large angles (entry angle — 30, Congress — 35, overcoming obstacles — 23), 210 mm ground clearance will come in handy in the Russian expanse. Even a version with front-wheel drive targeted at buyers who need large ground clearance, high Seating position of the driver and sure-footed movement on rough roads.

Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan.

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