Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol is a classic off-road car with a frame body structure and dependent suspension. The European configuration includes two variants of the engine: the 3-liter 160-horsepower turbodiesel, equipped with 4-speed automatic transmission or 4.8-liter 245-horsepower gasoline atmospheric engines, aggregated with 5-speed automatic machines with manual transmission.

All Nissan Patrol are available in 5-door and 3-door bodies . The rear seats of the Nissan Patrol not only fold, opening access to the trunk — like the front, but also equipped with longitudinal adjustment. The volume of the trunk without the third row of seats 668 liters

The driver of the Nissan Patrol does not have to turn to electronic devices — the front axle and the reduced transmission are activated by an additional lever on the transmission tunnel. Even an automatic clutch front wheels have the position of the push lock. The geometry of the body and chassis allows you to overcome the Ford depth of 700 mm and drive through a serious obstacle: the angle of safe lateral tilt-48 degrees and the height of the obstacles to be overcome-215 mm.