Nissan Patrol

Left steering wheel
Plug-in 4x4 drive
Tansmission: Automanic gearbox
Air Conditioning

Maximum capasity: 5 person.

Nissan Patrol is a classic off-road car with a frame body structure and dependent suspension. The European configuration includes 4.8-liter 245-horsepower gasoline atmospheric engines, aggregated with 5-speed automatic machines with manual transmission.

Central Asia car rental is a good fit for the Nissan Patrol due to its two fuel tanks. Additional fuel is very convenient, for example, when traveling around Uzbekistan, where gas stations are rare.

The driver of the Nissan Patrol does not have to turn to electronic devices — the front axle and the reduced transmission are activated by an additional lever on the transmission tunnel. Even an automatic clutch front wheels have the position of the push lock. The geometry of the body and chassis allows you to overcome the Ford depth of 700 mm and drive through a serious obstacle: the angle of safe lateral tilt-48 degrees and the height of the obstacles to be overcome-215 mm.

Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan, *Kazakhstan, *Uzbekistan
*Driving to Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan is allowed only for bookings over 14+ days.

Useful Information for planning self-drive trip in Kyrgyzstan:

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