Nissan Pathfinder

Mid-size SUV Nissan Pathfinder is produced for the American and European markets.

Russian buyers Nissan Pathfinder choice offered two engine options: four-cylinder 3.3-liter Petrol and 3.5-liter Petrol with automatic transmission.

The second generation of the SUV ” Pathfinder “with the factory index” R50 ” was presented in Japan in late 1995, at the same time and began its serial production. In 1999, the car went through the first update, and in 2001 it was overtaken by the second restyling – appearance and interior underwent some adjustments, and under the hood “registered” a new engine.

The “second patfinder” is a mid-size SUV available in a five-door body solution. The length of the car is 4530 mm, height-1750 mm, width-1840 mm.

Nissan Pathfinder of the second generation is an SUV with a load-bearing body, reinforced stretchers front and rear. On the front axle there is an independent suspension with MacPherson struts, and on the rear axle there is a dependent part with a rigid beam and guide levers. The steering mechanism of the machine is supplemented with a power steering, the front wheels are distinguished by the presence of ventilated disc brakes, and the rear – drum devices.

Advantages of the “second Pathfinder” – reliable design, good off-road capabilities, comfortable interior, traction engines, good handling, stability on the road and low-cost maintenance. There are also disadvantages, which include a weak low beam, low sound insulation and high fuel consumption.