Mitsubishi Pajero

Left steering wheel
Plug-in 4x4 drive
Tansmission: Automanic gearbox
Air Conditioning

Maximum capasity: 5 persons.

Mitsubishi Pajero is a big five-door SUV. Its overall dimensions are: length 4900 mm, width 1875 mm, height 1870 mm, wheelbase 2780 mm, and the value of the ground clearance is 235 mm. Such ground clearance is typical for cars prepared for severe operating conditions. They can easily overcome the deep track, will be able to storm the borders during Parking and maintain excellent smoothness even on a broken road with a hard surface.

The trunk of Mitsubishi Pajero has very considerable extent. With the raised backs of the second row of seats, the rear is 663 liters of free space. Thanks to this spaciousness, the SUV will be a great friend and helper, wherever you go. If, at the whim of fate, the owner will need to take on Board a larger cargo, he will always be able to lay down the backs of the rear row and release up to 1790 liters.

The engine of Mitsubishi Pajero is a large V - shaped gasoline atmospheric six with a volume of 2972 cubic centimeters. Good mileage and modern injection system, allowed engineers to squeeze 174 horsepower at 5250 rpm and 255 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm crankshaft. With this engine, the SUV accelerates to the first hundred in 13.6 seconds, and the maximum speed, in turn, will be 175 kilometers per hour. With such a volume of hope for efficiency is not necessary. Fuel consumption Mitsubishi Pajero will be 17 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers in the urban pace with frequent acceleration and braking, 10.2 liters during a measured trip on the highway and 12.7 liters in a mixed cycle.

Mitsubishi Pajero is an honest 4x4 SUV for rent in Kyrgyzstan. It has a stylish and brutal design, which is the best way to emphasize the individuality and character of its owner. This car will look great on busy city streets and dirt roads away from civilization. The living room is the realm of high-quality materials, precise ergonomics, practicality and comfort. Even a long trip will not be able to deliver the slightest inconvenience. The manufacturer is well aware that in the first place, the car should give pleasure from driving. That is why, under the hood of the SUV is a powerful and modern power unit, thanks to which Mitsubishi Pajero will serve for many kilometers and will give unforgettable emotions from the trip in Kyrgyzstan and countries of Central Asia.

Approved for use in Kyrgyzstan, *Kazakhstan, *Uzbekistan
*Driving to Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan is allowed only for bookings over 14+ days.

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