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Reviews of our clients about travel in Kyrgyzstan

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Michal Cupa:

The service has been truly amazing. All the communication with Travel Land has been swift, clear and professional. Artem handed over the car as well as provided an invaluable tourist info and update on road condition. He has been extremely helpful, speaking Russian and English. Car has been clean, neat and in good shape. Within a few minutes I was on my way. Same when returning. Overall a great experience. If I go there next time, my choice is clear.

Денис Митин:

Отличная компания. Команда очень отзывчива, всегда готова помочь, подсказать, посоветовать. Дружеский и приятный подход к клиенту. Брал в аренду Nissan Patrol для недельного отпуска. Получил авто быстро. Ребята провели информативный вводный инструктаж по автомобильному путешествию в Киргизии, и что важно, рассказали о многих дорожных нюансах. Авто в очень хорошем состоянии, всё работает, получил чистым и заправленным. Отдельное спасибо Максиму за связь 24 часа в сутки. Поездка прошла замечательно. Уже порекомендовал Travel Land друзьям и обязательно приеду ещё раз самостоятельно! Желаю компании удачи в дальнейшем развитии туризма в стране!

Thomas Huyghebaert:

We just completed a Great tour in kyrgyzstan with the Toyota grand hiace of Travel land Kyrgyzstan with our family of 5. Great comfortable car and very good service of the TLK team!

Christophe Laenen:

Rented a Toyota Highlander which brought us to wonderful places in Kyrgyzstan! Lots of space, comfy...


Couldn't be happier with Travel Land. The Toyota Land Cruiser was a great way to experience Kyrgyzstan.

Renaud Jäger:

Perfect car, perfect service. If back to kyrghyzstan, I'd book again with them.

Britt Bremer:

A very nice company to rent a car from in Kyrgyzstan.

Дмитрий Решов:

I rented a car with Travel Land 3 times and each time I was satisfied ! Artyom and Denis are nice and really helpful. The Nissan March and Mazda Demio I rented were reliable, easy to drive and not too expensive. I higly recommend this company for your car rental in Kyrgyzstan !

Alexander Riether:

Just can recommend that company. Good service and support for the roadtrip, very helpful. Thanks a lot!

Famille Moreau:

Guides serviables et attentifs mais néanmoins peu intrusifs et respectant bien notre manière de voyager Choix des activités sportives : velo,cheval,balades bien en phase avec nos attentes

Indre Nuo Juros:

These guys are great :)) they are a ton of fun, cheerful, funny and have a lot of cool stories. And the tours are just breathtaking. Vlad and Artiom have explored all of Kyrgyzstan, so you can be sure they know what they are doing and a trip with them will be a memorable and fun experience 

Luciana di Flavia:

Il mio viaggio in Kirghizistan è stato davvero spettacolare, sia per la maestosità dei paesaggi davvero suggestivi, sia per l'organizzazione davvero impeccabile. Angela (la nostra referente) e Kanat (il nostro autista) sono stati molto precisi, professionali e disponibili, contribuendo così a rendere questa esperienza davvero indimenticabile. Decisamente al di sopra nelle nostre aspettative e da ripetere presto.


Nous avons fait une boucle de 3 semaines dans le pays, nous avons visité les villes de Bichkek, Och, Jalal Abad, Narin mais nous avons préféré nous promener dans la campagne (Arslambob), de gravir les cols (pour arriver à Kazarman et Tach Rabat) et de faire des balades autour des lacs (Tchatyr Kol, Son Kol). Dormir en yourte a été aussi une expérience dépaysante. Nous avons aussi beaucoup aimé voir les troupeaux d'animaux : vaches, moutons, yacks mais surtout chevaux. Nous avons vu une chasse à l'aigle (Bokonbaevo) qui nous a beaucoup interessées et avons pu nous baigner dans des eaux chaudes (près du lac Issyk Kol)

Stuart Bradford:

Good vehicle, quite new, nice people and easy to contact. They speak some English. I'd strongly recommend independent driving around Kyrgystan but watch out for the very frequent police speed traps (if you get caught speeding Russian language skills highly desirable). Stuart

Игорь А. Назаренко:

Хочется сказать спасибо Тур Оператору Travel Land Kyrgyzstan за организацию нашего тура из города Ош в Бишкек с посещением г. Джалал-Абад и природных заповедников Арсланбоб и Сарычелек.

Отличный профессиональный водитель-гид Сергей позволил наслаждаться потрясающими видами гор Тяньшаня. Предоставленный автомобиль Тойота Хайлендер был в отличном состоянии и хорошо подготовлен технически, чистый ухоженный.
Далее этот же автомобиль мы взяли в аренду и самостоятельно проехали из Бишкека в Каракол и обратно в Бишкек вокруг Иссыкуля. Получилась не забываемая поездка с огромным количеством впечатлений и положительных эмоций. У этой страны есть великолепная природа, с чистейшим воздухом, кристальными горными реками и озерами, невообразимыми по красоте горными массивами и ущельями, долинами и цветущими садами, богата традиционной вкусной и недорогой кухней, и колоритными восточными базарами. Отдельное спасибо менеджеру Travel Land Kyrgyzstan Асель!!! очень отзывчивая и приятная в общении девушка.

Единственное что хочется пожелать этой стране и многим ее жителям и работникам сферы услуг поменьше хитрости побольше доброжелательности.

Туристы это не просто кошельки с деньгами - это люди которые могут приехать не один раз и рассказать о вашей стране другим!

Sami Akkas:

Nous avons loués une voiture chez Travel Land Kyrgyzstan pendant 2 semaines. Super expérience avec Vlad qui avait répondu à toutes nos questions au préalable. JE recommande cette agence à 100%, très sérieux.

Reimar Belschner:

Car as described. Excellent service and helpful staff. Only, keep in mind that you have to clean/wash the car before returning or you pay a fee. Not a fan of that policy, but Travel Land is transparent about it. So no complains!

Ellen Ter Stege:

Last summer we traveled in Kyrgyzstan and Kazachstan with a Nissan patrol from Travel Land Kyrgyzstan. We had a wonderful time all together. The car was very reliable and reasonably priced, and we were able to drive quite bad roads to the most beautiful places. We had our camping gear in the back of the car, so we could put up our tent where we wanted. We had some contacts with Vlad before, and hè gave us some good tips about where to go and which roads to drive. Also he delivered the car to our hotel, and at the end he picked it also up there.

Daniel Matros:

Incredibly happy and impressed with the level of service and friendly help I received from Travelland. These guys are great at what they do and reallly go out of their way to keep clean cars and a price worthy service


Travelland is a very good organization to discover the nature of the wild Kyrgyzstan, beautiful vehicles, the staff that dominates the subject. I definitely recommend to visit Kyrgyzstan.

Martin Große:

Excellent car (Land Cruiser 100). 3 weeks without a single problem - on & off road. Totally recommended!

Sven Luckermans:

Rented a Toyota Highlander, decent price, friendly guy, good car, all necessary options. Comfy seats, clean etc.

Philippe Drillon:

Very good experience with this company.
Everything was clear and no surprise.
I would recommand

Jeffrey Faranial:

This is a highly recommended company. Vlad has been very responsive and gone an extra mile for additional requests. The car was very comfortable, clean and perfect for Kyrgyzstan off the beaten path landscape. Vlad also helped me bought my tourist data sim which I highly appreciated. This is the kind of service I don't get with Avis, Sixt, Thrifty, and Hertz.
Vlad also did all the paperwork via email so when I arrived, all set and ready for my adventure.
I am going back to this beautiful country and will again for sure contact this company.

Judson L Moore:

Very friendly service with great insights about travel in kyrgyzstan. Their knowledgeable and local staff speak English, French, Italian, Russian and Kyrgyz... if not more!

Vinciane Mange un'Ours:

Great trip with one of your car! It was my first time in Kyrgyzstan, and I cannot wait to come in back. I definately recommend them, see you for the next trip!

Alexa Loki:

We could book a car very spontaneously and easily. The service was great!

Ahmed AlMansoori:

Was met by Vlad at the airport early morning at around 04:00 am. Their service was very good.
I'm very sure that they will be my host on my next visit to Bishkek

Vladimir Mukoseev:

Обращался только по поводу аренды внедорожников - два раза. Мне важно быть уверенным в автомобиле. Машины у ребят профессионально подготовленные на собственной ремонтной базе. Цены приемлемые, без стоимости пробега. Доброжелательная поддержка.

Светлана Кравцова:

Были удивлены, что есть машины такого класса "Проходимый вездеход" , такой оказалась 9200 )) Toyota Sequioa .Катались по ущельям с детьми, залезли на Каракол ))) Огромная благодарность Артем за подбор машины. В этом 2017 году мы снова на Иссык куле. Одна из достойных компаний, которая сдает в аренду машины и организует подъемы в далекие ущелья, к ледникам, перевалам и горным озерам. Тянь Шань - небесные горы ))

Magne Sturød:

The guys are wery professional and service minded. We had some problems with one of the cars, but they drove up from Bishkek to Barskoon and gave us another car imediatly. Would definately use them again!

Sanne Schaubroeck:

Zeer betrouwbare organisatie!
Auto was perfect in orde, geen problemen mee gehad.
Communicatie met vlad verliep zeer vlot.

Sara Gruteke:

We had a really great experience with travelland. Before we arrived the communication went smoothly and we got very useful advise for our journey. The car, we rented the UAZ Hunter, was everything we expected and got us from Bishkek to Osj through the sometimes quite rugged landscapes of Kyrgyzstan. We also rented camping gear which we used for wildcamping, an amazing experience. The guys from travelland were always easy to reach when we needed advise. Overall great experience, would recommend!


Nous avons choisi d'aller au Kirghizistan pour découvrir un pays tout en ayant des vacances orientées natures/balades plutôt que visites de villes et de musées. L'organisation du voyage a été bien faite et a su s'adapter aux aléas (avalanches...). Nous avons donc pu profiter des paysages, activités et poser toutes nos questions sans avoir à nous préoccuper de réserver les nuits ou de savoir comment rejoindre notre destination : notre chauffeur et l'agence ont été très efficaces, même pour gérer l'avalanche qui a conduit à reprogrammer toute la fin du voyage.

Renato Giovanelli:

Vorrei ringraziare il Tour Operator Travel Land Kyrgyzstan per aver organizzato il mio tour .
L'eccellente guida professionale di Anastasia ha permesso di godere della vista mozzafiato sulle montagne di Tian Shan, e il tour attorno al lago Issyku, e delle città a cui abbiamo fatto capo.l. E' stato un viaggio indimenticabile con molte impressioni ed emozioni positive.
Il contatto con i locali, è quanto avrei voluto avere e questo è stato.
Questo paese ha una natura magnifica, con l'aria più pulita, fiumi e laghi di montagna, catene montuose e gole incredibilmente belle, valli e giardini fioriti, cucina tradizionale gustosa e poco costosa e colorati bazar orientali.
Un ringraziamento al manager di Travel Land, Angela, competente e sempre in contatto prima del viaggio, ragazza molto simpatica e piacevole nella comunicazione.
Autista Uran molto affidabile, auto sempre tenuta ok. Insomma tutto perfetto. Viaggio da ripetere arricchendolo delle zone non toccate.

Nima Zangeneh:

Simply put, THEY DID THE RIGHT THING when we were in a middle of a not so good scenario in a foreign country which is not the easiest to navigate in April. The Uaz that we had rented had a full pump problem at elevations of 2,500+ meters … They sent a driver, with a new vehicle, 7 hours from the capital the next morning, 262km into our journey, to take back the vehicle with the problem and leave us an upgrade with no additional charge. Without your service, our 10-day journey to the Pamirs would've been dashed. I can't thank Vlad and the manager enough.

Áron Rigó:

We had a great time driving around Kyrgyzstan in a car rented from the company. We were really satisfied with both the car and the communication with the guys - definitely recommend it to anyone up for a road trip in this beautiful country.


Notre coup de coeur a été à Tash Rabat. Cette partie du voyage avec la nuit en yourte au milieu d'une vallée a été particulièrement agréable. Les hôtes de la yourte ont été très sympathiques et le paysage fabuleux. Les passages de cols en altitude avec routes de montagne nous ont beaucoup impressionnés. L'ensemble du voyage nous a permis de découvrir ce pays ainsi que ses habitants. Chaque jour a été une nouvelle surprise. Que ce soit au niveau d'animaux, car nous en avons vu beaucoup : yaks, chameaux laineux, oiseaux divers, renard, marmottes par milliers, troupeaux de chevaux magnifiques. comme pour les immenses étendues de plaines bordées de collines puis de hauts sommets enneigés. Nous avons également fort apprécié les repas chez les habitants (comme dans les restaurants) qui nous ont régalés de leurs spécialités.

Justin Foguenne:

C'était vraiment un Super voyage avec De magnifiques paysages. Nous tous très satisfait

Andras Hee:

Very friendly company to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan. Super fair prices.

Jean Guyot:

Merci beaucoup pour ce voyage très bien organisé à l'équipe de Travel Land. Elle a été réactive face à nos demandes en cours de voyage, c'est une agence très professionnelle!

Maarten Beenackers:

Highly recommended! Trustworthy and great service before and during rental


Voyage très bien organisé par l'agence locale de Bermet: hôtels et chambres d'hôtes très confortables avec coup de cœur pour Karakol. Notre guide et chauffeur (Tim et Sasha) nous ont permis de découvrir une partie du pays en toute sécurité et en gardant le sourire. Nous avons particulièrement apprécié la partie sud du lac Issyk Kol beaucoup plus sauvage, les promenades à cheval autour de Song Kol et dans la vallée de Jeti Oguz, les randonnées autour de Karakol et Ala-Artcha.

skrill dark:

Приезжали родственники, брали машину в аренду Mitsubishi Pajero. Остались очень довольны сервисом и машиной. Спасибо!

Catherine Oldham:

Excellent car hire service from Vlad and Timor- they picked up the phone at any hour to answer our questions and were very flexible on picking up the car from our hotel at 11pm. Good price too.

Torsten Schwarz:

Thank you, for the perfect car.

Jose I. Topete:

They were super helpful and friendly accommodating all our requests during our trip to Kyrgyzstan. We rented a car from them which gave us the flexibility that we needed. The car was in very good condition and so were the roads that we drove.

Sylvain Carol:

Voyage très dépaysant, la nature est exceptionnelle, on se croit au bout du monde dans chaque gorge ou vallée traversée. Les chevaux sont omniprésents à l'image des troupeaux de vaches chez nous, de nombreuses possibilités de monter à cheval. L'agence a été très réactive face à nos demandes en cours de voyage, nous avons pu changer notre itinéraire sans soucis, c'est une agence très professionnelle

Ralph de Wit:

Good communication, great car (Lada Niva), including emergency kit. Thanks a lot!

Ната Лья:

Прекрасный сервис. Все организовано и персонал всегда рад помочь и пойти на встречу. Машины в отличном состоянии. По цене-качеству самое лучшее предложение на рынке Кыргызстана.

Benoit Hick:

Notre voyage fut une découverte quotidienne de paysages extraordinaires, avec un guide dévoué et des chauffeurs expérimentés. Notre guide nous a vraiment fait passé sa passion pour son pays Probablement que nous y retournerons !