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Before you start the trip with a rented car, read the rules of driving in Kyrgyzstan

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Driving in Kyrgyzstan - it's a great chance to see the country from all sides. You can act on their own and not be tied to a schedule of the tourist group.

Are you ready for an adventure in Kyrgyzstan? Rent a car and hit the road!

To drive legally in Kyrgyzstan you need an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in addition to your license from your home country. If that’s not possible, then you need to send us a copy of your driver’s license and for $15 we can have a notarized translation made of your license which will satisfy the local traffic authorities.

Speed limits:

  • 60 km/h - City
  • 90 km/h- Highways


Follow the road signs.

  • If police stop you for speeding they must have a video that shows your car, the time, and how fast you were going.
  • Keep your headlights on at all times when you are on highway.
  • Absolutely no alcohol. If the police can smell any alcohol then you are consider drunk.

We will help coach you on safe, proper driving in Kyrgyzstan including how to deal with the authorities.

We fully support all our customers including support you by phone with translation, directions, and accommodations.