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Quality repairing, diagnostics and check of cars on serviceability in the service Car Rental Travel Land

If you are travelling through we can help you with making repairs to your vehicle or store it while you go travel by other means for a bit.

    Be sure that professional car meachanis team can support you along the way througt Kyrgyzstan. Something happed with your car? No problem - Give us a call.

    Repairs and Maintenance: 

    • Oil change
    • Filter change
    • Vehicle inspection
    • Standard repairs
    • Parts purchasing and ordering
    • Supervision of outsourced specialty work
    • Fair pricing
    • English speaking staff

    By the way Travel Land offers you the best car rental experience you will ever get. We have reliable off-road cars in excellent condition and the most reasonable prices for each one of them so you can visit all the places you want to.

    Our company offers services, such as:

    • Traveler support
    • Car rental with driver
    • Car rental without driver
    • Trip advices for a better experience
    • Pick-up in any part of the country
    • Drop-off in any part of the country